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The Akashic Records can be thought of as a large library full of books that contains all information about you, including your past (or parallel) lives, present life, and all possible futures. The Records have also been referred to as “the Internet of the Universe.” This is because we approach the Records much like a search engine in the way that we ask specific questions to find what we’re looking for. 

The frequency of the questions we ask determines the frequency of the answers we receive and are ready to integrate at this time. Everyone has the ability to access their own Akashic Records at any time. Through practice, you can become confident about the answers you are receiving in your Records. This is why we've formulated this Guide.

> Do I need a Reading or should I try to open my own Records?


The purpose of receiving an Akashic Records Reading is to receive skilled guidance in formulating the highest vibrational questions in order to receive the most valuable information possible, and to be able to understand what information is being received.


You can find very helpful and practical guidance to help you make life decisions, identify how to improve your relationships, how to align with your life Purpose, or connect with loved ones and Ancestors that have transitioned. 


During an Akashic Records Reading, you may experience visions, messages and memories directly. A Reader will intuitively help you to interpret the information you receive so that you can gain practice to confidently navigate your Records on your own when you are ready. 


If you are a Starseed, Lightworker or Healer there may be questions you have about your Origins, Star family, Intuitive Gifts, Multi-Dimensional Teachers & Guides, messages, dreams or Astral travel. All of this information can be found inside your Records!

> What is the process like?


To enter the Akashic Records, we use a ritual prayer that grounds us to the energies of Mother Earth as we send our intention to connect with our Higher Self and Spirit Guides. All of this is done in a meditative state through the power of intention and by giving permission. 



We've put together this High Vibe 

Question Guide to help you get the most 

information in the shortest amount of time. Enjoy!

To book a virtual Akashic Records Reading with Sirona West, please click here

The process of Spiritual awakening and development varies from person to person. What happens is your awareness of reality expands, allowing you to notice and experience new insight and perspectives. 


This short guide is a reference point to help you identify why you may be feeling, seeing & sensing some new things lately!


Enjoy the process, and stay connected with fellow Spiritual seekers who can relate to what you're going through. 

You can do this by joining our free Community discussions, meditations & Readings or by joining our Facebook group. Click here to access both!

Sirona West is the Founder of Earth School Community, an Akashic Records Reader, Healer & Spiritual Mentor. She helps Starseeds, Healers & Lightworkers transform their trauma, clear their energetic blocks and follow their passion to fulfill their higher purpose. 


Sirona discovered her passion for healing in 2011 when she decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy. She then found the Akashic Records in 2020 after meeting a Healer who specialized in helping people with food allergies. Sirona had been diagnosed with a life threatening allergy to wheat in 2018, and was very hopeful that she could be healed. After just one session with Daniela, Sirona’s wheat allergy was completely gone, and has never returned. 


Sirona began hearing more about the Akashic Records after that experience and felt called to study more about them so that she could help other people experience healing the way she did. A few months later, she joined the Akashic Academy and quickly learned that Akashic Records Reading & Healing was something she had done in many lifetimes.


Sirona even discovered more about the cause of the onset of the wheat allergy through the Records, which was trauma from domestic violence and a long custody battle as she fought to protect her three children. Sirona continued to study, meditate and gain a higher perspective of her difficult experiences by discovering more about her true nature as a Soul and allowing Spirit to guide her through a healing journey. 


In 2022, Sirona wrote about her experience in her eBook, Stand in the Light. Through the process of writing and channeling messages from Spirit, she learned that the purpose of the book is to save lives. She began sharing her story to help other women avoid attracting and staying in violent, destructive and even deadly relationships. The most important message to her at the time was one of Self-Love. 


However, as she has continued to do her own healing work daily, she has come to understand that the purpose of the book goes even deeper. Her Guides have taught her that when they talked of “saving lives” they are referring to Souls. Saving Souls from the illusions of this world, such as the illusion of separation. And so, along with self-love, forgiveness is the main message of this story - forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of Self. 


In order to truly live a life of love, peace, unity and abundance, we must understand that every person and experience is here to teach us about ourselves and help us to remember. Our true nature can only be discovered by going inward, by connecting to our Soul and through surrender. By practicing daily  self love and forgiveness, Sirona has been able to experience the true expansive freedom in life that she is passionate about sharing with others. She enjoys co-creating with other Healers and is grateful for all of the ways she gets to help others to discover their bliss. 

In addition to virutal & in-person (Los Angeles) Akashic Records Readings & Healings, Sirona offers 12-week 1-1 Spiritual Mentorships, group programs, free discussions & meditations.

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