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 Stand In the Light:
Sirona's Story

Sirona West is a Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor & Community Leader. By channeling psychic information and healing energy, she helps people transform their trauma, clear physical, mental, emotional and energetic blocks, and follow their passion to discover their purpose in life. 


Sirona discovered her gift of healing in 2011 when she began her career as a Massage Therapist. She then discovered the healing power of the Akashic Records in 2020 after meeting a Healer who specialized in helping people with food allergies. Sirona had been diagnosed with a life threatening allergy to wheat 2 years earlier, and despite what doctors told her, she knew that she could be healed. After just one session, Sirona’s wheat allergy was completely gone and has never returned. 


Sirona began hearing more about the Akashic Records after that experience and felt called to study more about them so that she could help other people experience healing the way she did. A few months later, she joined the Akashic Academy and quickly remembered that Psychic Reading & Healing was something she had done over many lifetimes. 


As she spent more time connecting to her Higher Self, Sirona discovered why her body had created the wheat allergy. It was directly related to the trauma she experienced dealing with domestic violence and a long custody battle as she fought to protect her three children. This trauma was coming forward, ready to be released. She began to gain a higher perspective of her difficult experiences by discovering more about her true nature as a Soul and allowing Spirit to guide her through a healing journey. She learned that we all have access to the infinite intelligence of Source and that we can choose to live a life of freedom and wholeness whenever we choose.


As part of her healing process, in 2022, Sirona wrote about her experiences in an eBook titled Stand in the Light. As she wrote and channeled messages from Spirit, she learned that the purpose of the book is to save lives by helping others to act from a space of empowerment and their own sovereignty. Emphasizing the themes of self-love, forgiveness, and unity she demonstrates that we can create a life of peace even when circumstances seem beyond our control. She believes that every person and experience is here to teach us about ourselves and help us to remember our true nature - which can only be discovered by going inward, connecting to our Soul, and accessing our myriad of memories over many lifetimes. 


By practicing daily self love and forgiveness, Sirona has been able to experience the true expansive freedom in life that she is passionate about sharing with others. She enjoys guiding and co-creating with other Lightworkers, Starseeds, Visionaries & Healers. She is grateful for all of the ways she gets to help people discover their bliss through 1-1 Psychic Readings & Healing Services as well free discussions & meditations through Earth School Community, which she founded in 2021.

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