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Welcome to  Earth School Community,Dear Ones!  

Follow your Passion to Fulfill your Purpose  as Starseeds, Lightworkers, Visionaries & Healers

Happy Friends Laughing

 Earth School Community is where
you'll learn to follow your passion
to live your Higher purpose. 

Lotus Pose

Whether you're just beginning, or well on your way, you belong here. 


Friends in Nature

As you explore and discover more
of your true nature, you'll
discover the confidence
to serve the global community
using your Intuitive gifts.

Sirona West


Sirona is a Psychic Medium, Akashic Records Reader,  Healer, Spiritual Mentor and Author. She is also the Founder of Earth School Community. To book with Sirona, visit or click the button below.

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Megan Carter

"Communicating with Sirona is almost telepathic, which is the reason I decided to get an Akashic Records reading from her. I was looking for some guidance moving forward with my online business. With ease and grace Sirona shared messages with me that set many good things in motion following the reading. I am extremely grateful for Sirona’s ability to relay messages of importance. Sirona brings light that allowed for complete integration of what felt like prophetic revelations."
Dancing in Park


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