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💚 Wellness Group 2: Self Care & Psychic Protection

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As we grow in our Spiritual practice, we must prioritize caring for ourselves inside and out. We also must learn how to protect our energy from lower vibrations. This group will help you identify what works best for you so that you can continue to serve your community from a place of abundance!

Group Rules:

🖤 Be respectful - don't talk over someone else. Allow each person to complete their share or question.

🖤 Feel free to connect with one another outside of the group! That's the benefit of Earth School Community membership - to cultivate meaningful, respectful, and supportive relationships with others on their Ascension journey.

🖤 High vibes only. Report any unwanted communication or offensive behavior immediately to:

This group is facilitated by Sirona West, Creator of Earth School Community. ***Medical treatment is not offered in this group.***

🔐 By joining this group you acknowledge you will not record, share, or disclose any information about any other Members in the group without their permission.


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  • April 20, 2022


  • sironawest

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