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🌕 Intuitive Circle 2: Spiritual & Metaphysical Practice

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Share what you love to do, practice using your gifts, and geek out on Spiritual & Metaphysical topics. All are welcome!

🖤 Be respectful - don't talk over someone else.

🖤 It's okay to mention your products and services as they relate to the flow of conversation. For more intentional networking, check out our Intuitive Circle: Meet the Community & Network.

🖤 Feel free to connect with one another outside of the group! That's the benefit of Earth School Community - to cultivate meaningful, respectful, and supportive relationships with others on their Ascension journey.

🖤 No discrimination of any kind. Report unwanted communication or offensive behavior immediately to:

🔐 By joining this group you acknowledge you will not record, share, or disclose any information about any other Members in the group without their permission.

Facilitator: Sirona West


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