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Something MAGICAL is...


Who Are We

~ Earth School FAMILY  ~

Hello Dear Ones!

We're excited to announce that COMING SOON, we will be offering

classes for kids - and the whole family is invited!

Virtual Dance Class
Family with Tablet
Family Together

Hey there Grown-ups!


Have you been longing for a community of loving Spiritual beings to support your High vibrational goals as a family?


How about wanting to encourage your children to expand and embrace their natural gifts and intuitive abilities?


We're on a mission to make sure that no more children are taught that they are inherently wrong when they arrive on the planet. That they are too dreamy with their "imaginary friends and visions."


They have exactly what this word needs, and it is THEIRS to dance in! They can teach us so much because they remember! They are strongly connected to the energies of the Spirit world.


We need them to have easy access to, and encouragement of their abilities, to continue the Ascension of the planet into 5th dimensional consciousness.


We are embarking on a time of new technology, free energy, quantum healing, telepathy - the list goes on!


We have the full support of the Universe, and are being called, to initiate these magical beings that have chosen to incarnate at this time, into their power.


This is the true nature of children. Play, freedom, being, magic.


The days of overthinking are waning. The days of following our bliss are here!


We cannot wait to have you join us as you will inform the future of Earth School Family going forward.


          Here are some types of classes we'll be offering:

  • Self-Love 

  • Meditation 

  • Energy, Vibration & Frequency

  • Communication & Language (in all it's forms)

  • Spiritual Gifts, Tools & Guides

  • Creativity & Manifestation

  • Mother Earth - how she sustains us in every way

  • Oneness with all

So Join the Wait List Now!

You'll want to be the first to find out when we launch. Classes will fill up quickly! 

By joining the Wait List, you're automatically added to the Earth School Community email list. Unsubscribe any time. 

Great! You're on the Wait List!!! Love & Light

Wait List
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